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The PrioVino

Temperature control you can count on

Pick your wine and the desired temperature and leave the rest to the PrioVino Classic. Between 5 and 20°C, its precision temperature settings are exact to the degree.



Modern Design

Its sophisticated design makes the Classic both eye-catching and tasteful. Its striking black/wine red finish sports a modern, fine-grained texture.

Robust materials

The cooling chamber of the Classic is made of aluminium, while the use of high-quality plastic ensures a particularly lightweight but stable body.

Precise temperature settings

The Classic allows you to set temperatures in 1°C intervals, via simple plus/minus buttons. A specially programmed sensor-driven controller ensures that your desired temperature is quickly achieved, and, unlike conventional wine coolers, also precisely maintained. The temperature range of 5° to 20°C covers the entire spectrum of wines from white to red, and the cooler can switch temperatures within a few minutes whenever necessary.

Flexibility of use

The Classic is available in two versions: mains-operated or battery-operated via a built-in lithium ion battery with a runtime of 2,5 to 6 hours. This offers complete flexibility and independence.

Quiet ventilation

A sophisticated ventilation system ensures that the dissipation of heat is achieved with minimal noise. This allows you to place the Classic right next to you without it causing any disturbance.

Relaxed enjoyment

Just switch on the Classic, set the desired temperature and enjoy the perfect fine wine experience. No need to bother with melting ice and dripping bottles. With the Classic, wet tablecloths and corroding wine buckets are a thing of the past.

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Innovative technology made in Germany

Its clever technology sets the Classic apart. Innovation and high tech are its strengths, as is fitting for a product from Baden-Württemberg.

The compact technology inside the Classic makes use of the Peltier effect and bypasses the need for gas or fluid coolants.

Technical data

Height 28cm
Diameter of bottle chamber 9.4cm
Finish modern, fine-grained
matte finish
Battery runtime 2,5 – 6 hours
LED low battery alert at 15% battery power
Battery charging time 2 – 3 hours
Temperature range 5 to 20°degree
Classic Weintemperierer
User Manual
Price List

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