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The PrioVino

Make the most of every bottle

The Premier delivers as advertised: the optimal drinking temperature for the perfect aroma. Right at the table. For hours. And to tease out the finest nuances of flavor, the cooler can be set to 0.5°C precision. The perfect fine wine experience – that is the promise of the PrioVino Premier.


Elegant design

Sleek lines and timeless design give the Premier its trademark elegance, making it the perfect accessory for table settings in any exclusive ambience.

High-quality materials

Made of highly durable aluminium, you can both see and feel the value of the Premier. The surface of each cooler is polished by hand before the scratch-resistant chrome finish is applied.

Half-degree temperature control

As a unique feature, the Premier allows you to set temperatures in 0.5°C intervals, via simple plus/minus buttons. A specially programmed sensor-driven controller ensures that your desired temperature is quickly reached and precisely maintained. The temperature range of 5 to 20°C covers the entire spectrum of wines, from white to red, and the cooler switches temperatures within a few minutes.

Bedienelement zur Temperatureinstellung

Flexibility of use

The Premier can be plugged into a mains power source or operated via a powerful rechargeable and removable battery with a runtime of up to 6 hours. It is completely independent and perfectly suited for use virtually anywhere you can imagine.

Quiet ventilation

Due to a sophisticated ventilation system, the dissipation of heat is practically noiseless. This allows you to use the Premier right at the table, without it drawing any unwanted attention.

Easy handling

Simply insert the rechargeable battery, set the desired temperature and enjoy the perfect wine experience. No need to bother with melting ice and dripping bottles – with the Premier, wet tablecloths and metal corrosion are a thing of the past.

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Innovative technology made in Germany

Its clever technology sets the Premier apart. Innovation and hightech are its trump cards, as well they should be, for a product from Baden-Württemberg.

The Premier’s compact technology is based on the Peltier effect, which bypasses the need for coolants.

 I was surprised at how consistently the Premier performed outdoors. One of our regulars sat on the terrace for hours at 32°C in the shade, enjoying a nice bottle of red, cooled to a perfect 17°C. 

René Blanco Müller
– head sommelier, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz , Bad Ragaz
Rene Blanco

 The PrioVino Premier really grew on us the more we used it. Serving wine at perfect temperature has become much simpler, and that in turn gives us more time to interact with our guests. 

Miximilian Wilm
– restaurant manager and head sommelier, Seven Seas , Hamburg
Maximilian Wilm

 The Premier is very simple to use. Just insert a charged battery, enter the desired temperature with the plus/minus buttons, and you’re all set for the rest of the evening. 

Julia Nassal | Andreas Kohl
sales manager | restaurant manager Lago , Ulm

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Technical data

Height of cooler without stand 28.5cm
Total height with stand 73.5cm | 83.5cm | 93.5cm
Diameter of bottle chamber 9.4cm
Finishing scratch-resistant chrome
Battery runtime 2,5 – 6 hours
LED low battery alert at 25% battery power remaining
Charging time 2 – 3 hours
Temperature range 5 to 20°C
PrioVino Premier
User Manual
Price List


We are happy to meet your individual preferences. Should you have any additional wishes, please send us a customisation request. We will do our best to meet all of your personal requirements.

Exclusive finishes

Apart from chrome, we offer you additional finishes with our exlusive ‘My Premier’ line. Choose from silver, 24 carat gold, rose gold, or black ruthenium.

Adjustable height

The Premier comes in three standard heights: 73.5cm, 83.5cm, and 93.5cm. We can also customise the stand to any other height upon request.

Individual engravings

If you would like to have your Premier personalised or branded, simply make use of our engraving service. We provide individual engravings and personal messages upon request.

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