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Connoisseur’s Delight

Palmgarden is a young and innovative restaurant located on the premises of the Hohensyburg casino in Germany. For restaurant manager and sommelier Sabrina Koos, PrioVino delivers something she has always been looking for: “PrioVino offers innovative solutions for service rather than for the kitchen. That’s great, because there is still so much unexplored potential there!“

Palmgarden ★ | Hohensyburg

Sabrina Koos, restaurant manager and sommelier

Sommelier and television wine judge Natalie Lumpp regrets that wine temperature is still such a neglected subject. “With PrioVino, I have my wine at the table, and it is always at the optimal temperature. And that’s a totally different wine experience. I have the fruitiness, the elegance, and smooth, refined tannins.“


Natalie Lumpp

sommelier and writer

It is the option of running the Premier via battery or mains power that has René Blanco Müller excited – especially when it comes to its use in hotel suites. “With PrioVino, it doesn’t matter when guests arrive. Their wine or champagne is always perfectly cooled. And our butlers no longer need to rush around refreshing the ice in the coolers.“


Grand Resort Bad Ragaz ★★★★★ | Bad Ragaz

René Blanco Müller, head sommelier

Dirk Romann

“The world of fine wine has been waiting for PrioVino”, says Dirk Romann, Sommelier at 5 in Stuttgart. “The response of my guests clearly reflects that. If PrioVino hadn’t developed this cooler, I’d have had to do it myself!”


5 ★ | Stuttgart

Dirk Romann, restaurant manager and sommelier

Dirk Romann
Michael Zeyer

Michael Zeyer’s restaurant 5 in Stuttgart is a fusion of the traditional and the modern. “We are always on the lookout for cutting-edge products, so PrioVino fits in very well with our general philosophy – it’s a new innovation and yet its design is timeless.“


5 ★ | Stuttgart

Michael Zeyer, managing director

At the hotel and restaurant Lago in Ulm, Germany, the PrioVino Premier made an impression due to its easy handling. “The Premier is absolutely easy to use. Just insert the battery, set the temperature you want with the plus/minus buttons and you’re ready for the evening.“

Lago ★ | Ulm

Julia Nassal, sales manager
Andreas Kohl, restaurant manager

Barbara Beerweiler tested the Premier at Berens am Kai at Düsseldorf harbour: “Serving wine at the perfect temperature is always a bit of a challenge, particularly in our outdoor dining area. The PrioVino Premier has proved to be very helpful in that regard. Even on hot summer days, we don’t worry about our red wines getting too warm.“

Berens am Kai ★ | Düsseldorf

Barbara Beerweiler, managing director

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