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    What makes the PrioVino wine coolers so special?

    The PrioVino Premier is a brand new innovation that sets higher standards for perfect wine service. It keeps wine at the optimal temperature, right at the table and for as long as you need, without using coolants or ice.


    Where are the products of PrioVino manufactured?

    The wine coolers are a high-tech innovation from the region of Swabia in Germany. The PrioVino Premier is also manufactured there, guaranteeing the high quality of a made-in-Germany product. The PrioVino Classic has been engineered in Germany.

    Where can I order the PrioVino wine coolers?

    You can order our products in our online shop. Also, feel free to send us a message at or contact your account manager. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

    How are the wine coolers powered?

    The PrioVino Premier can be powered via rechargeable and exchangeable battery or plugged into a mains power source. The PrioVino Classic is available in two versions: mains powered or with built-in battery.

    What accessories are included in the standard products?

    The standard PrioVino Premier is delivered along with a battery and a battery charger or power cord (depending on model). The charger is also required for mains operation. The PrioVino Classic includes a battery charger or power cord (depending on model).

    Can I get a custom-made wine cooler?

    Yes. The PrioVino Premier can be tailored to meet your needs – for instance with a customised stand height, personalised engraving or a finish of your preference. Apart from the standard chrome finish, the Premier also comes in silver, 24 carat gold, rose gold and black ruthenium.

    Use and Operation

    Where can I use my cooler?

    Thanks to its innovative technology, the optional stand, and the mobility afforded by the battery (depending on model), you can put your cooler to work both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s at the dining table, on the patio or in a hotel suite, the PrioVino Premier can be used virtually anywhere you can imagine. The coolers are also available as mains powered models.

    Can the Premier be used without its stand?

    Yes, to use your cooler on a trolley or sideboard, simply lift the cooler off the stand. The stand can be ordered as optional accessories for both, the Premier as well as the Classic.

    What kind of bottles fit into the PrioVino wine coolers?

    All standard wine bottles with a diameter of up to 9.4 cm can be cooled in the wine coolers.

    Can the coolers be used to cool wine bottles that are at room temperature?

    In principle, the PrioVino wine coolers could be used to cool wine bottles that are at room temperature. Please keep in mind that this would be quite time-consuming and is not the primary use of the coolers. They are designed to keep pre-cooled wine bottles at a specified temperature over several hours.

    Are the coolers easy to move and transport?

    With a total maximum weight of just 11 kilograms (Premier, with stand) and 2.2 kilograms (Classic without battery), the coolers are easily moved or transported from one location to another – also thanks to their handles.

    What external conditions can influence the use of the coolers?

    In general, the coolers are very well-suited for outdoor use. However, at very high ambient temperatures, the battery run time is reduced and there can be a slight drop in cooling efficiency. Like all other electrical devices, you should not leave your cooler outside in the rain.

    How quickly do the coolers adjust to changes in temperature settings?

    The wine coolers reach the set temperature very rapidly. For instance, in just over 3 minutes it can go from a temperature of 8°C for white wine to 18°C for red wine or vice versa.

    What is the range of temperature settings that the coolers can be set to?

    The temperature settings range from 5°C to 20°C in intervals of 0.5°C (Premier) or 1°C (Classic), covering optimal drinking temperatures for a very wide spectrum of wine varieties.

    Can I use the coolers by filling them with ice?

    No. The devices are designed to cool without ice. Pouring ice or water into the bottle chamber of the cooler could lead to corrosion of metal parts.


    How long does a fully charged battery power the coolers?

    A fully charged battery can last for 2,5 up to 6 hours. The actual runtime of each individual cooler depends on a variety of factors such as ambient temperature or the set temperature specified by you. In general, the battery lasts longer when the cooler is used for red wine than for white wine.

    How do I know that the battery needs to be charged?

    When the battery is down to 15% of full capacity, a blue LED lights up behind the air vents. Using the Premier, this low battery alert reminds you to either change the battery or plug the cooler into a mains power source. Please note for the Classic that the battery, if included, is built in and can only be charged by connecting the cooler to a mains power source.

    How long does it take for a depleted battery to be fully charged?

    A depleted battery can be fully charged in about 2.5 hours.

    How can I dispose of the battery in an environmentally responsible manner?

    Just send defective batteries of the PrioVino Premier back to our service department at our cost. We will make sure the battery is disposed of according to environmentally responsible standards.

    Using the Premier, can I remove the battery from the device while it is plugged into mains power?

    No. Even if you are using mains power, the battery needs to remain inside the device and will be simultaneously charged. Thanks to integrated overload protection, it is perfectly safe to leave your cooler plugged into mains with the battery inside, even for prolonged periods of time. The battery of the PrioVino Classic is built in and cannot be removed. It is charged by plugging the cooler into mains power.

    How should I store my extra batteries?

    Extra batteries should be stored in a dry and cool place.

    TTechnology and Safety

    What is the technology used for cooling?

    The coolers use so called Peltier elements, a sophisticated ventilation system and a smart control. It works completely without ice.

    Is any liquid coolant used by the devices?

    No. Thanks to innovative technology, no coolants are used in either cooler.

    Can I cover the air vents of the coolers?

    No. The air vents help the heat generated in the interior of the device to escape, so it is important that the air vents remain unobstructed. The build-up of heat inside the cooler constitutes a fire hazard and can also lead to damage to the device.

    Is it safe to touch the neck of the wine bottle or the inside of the cooler’s bottle chamber?

    Yes. The exterior of the coolers and the cooler’s bottle chamber do not carry any current. It is perfectly safe to touch the bottle or any external part of the cooler.

    Service, Maintenance and Warranty

    How can I take care of my PrioVino coolers?

    The devices should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. Please do not use any chemical cleaning agents. Wearing gloves while handling the Premier can help to protect the scratch-resistant chrome surface even further.

    Can I carry out minor repairs to the devices?

    Please refer to the troubleshooting section at the end of these FAQ. If this should not solve your problem, please contact our support team.

    What should I do if my cooler is defective?

    If you experience any technical defects while operating your cooler, please discontinue use and contact our Service and Support page.

    Where can I buy spare parts for my cooler?

    Spare parts such as batteries or battery chargers can be purchased in our online shop, or just give us a ring or send us an email at

    Do the wine coolers have warranty coverage?

    We offer the legal warranty on the coolers as well as on the battery and battery charger.


    Both LEDs in the charger are glowing red

    If you do not disconnect the battery from the charger after charging is complete, the battery automatically goes into sleep mode. The charger can then no longer detect the battery and the red LEDs go on. However, the battery is, in fact, fully charged and ready for use. Please disconnect the battery from the charger and operate the wine cooler as you normally would. If the problem persists, please contact us by using the contact form.

    Attention: Please charge the battery fully before first use.

    The lid of the Premier doesn’t close or open properly

    The lid is opened and closed via a push-up pin, which can be adjusted by turning it in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

    If you are unable to close the lid properly, this is because the push-up pin is too high. Turn the pin in a clockwise direction until the lid can be closed.

    If you are unable to open the lid, place the Premier on a firm surface. Carefully turn the cooler upside down and shake it gently until the lid releases. Then place the cooler back on its feet and turn the push-up pin in an anti-clockwise direction, so that it sticks out a little higher and the lid can be opened easily.

    The cooler is not cooling properly

    If your cooler is no longer cooling properly, it is possible that the Peltier element is damaged and will need to be repaired. However, you can take some preventive measures, so that such damage does not occur in the first place.

    Take extra care when inserting the bottle into the cooling chamber. Do not drop the bottle into the chamber. The Peltier element, which is responsible for the cooling function, is located at the bottom of the cooling chamber. It is made of thin ceramic and can be damaged by shaking or hard impact.

    The battery does not lock into place in the battery compartment

    If the battery does not lock into place when you insert it into the battery compartment, please check if both the push-up-pins at the bottom of the battery compartment are fully extended. Should one or both of the push-up pins not be fully extended, press down on the pin until it pops back up. Then re-insert the battery.

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